Washroom and Laundry Trailers

We offer a full line of mobile washroom and laundry trailers that are ideal for long and short-term use. Our well-equipped facilities offer all of the amenities needed to provide users with clean, comfortable and private facilities.

Wash Cars

  • Comes with 4-8 toilets
  • Individual shower stalls
  • Sinks
  • Emergency eyewash
  • 1,000 gallon fresh water tank
  • 800 gallon sewage tank
  • Propane and electric heat

Portable Toilets and Heated Washrooms

  • Toilets come with hand wash dispensers
  • Heated washroom comes with 2 portable toilets and hand wash stations (30 amp and 230 volt power)
  • Cleaning is available for toilets at additional cost

Portable Hand Wash Stations

  • Double-sided, foot-pump operated hand wash sinks come with a holding tank and fresh water

Laundry Trailers

  • Laundry trailers are 20 ft
  • 3 washing machines
  • 5 dryers
  • Hot water heater
  • 400 gallon fresh water tank
  • Folding table